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This huge reef rises from the sea bed in the middle of the Red Sea, easily recognized by its zebra-striped lighthouse. This reef is surrounded by a sheer wall and strong currents allowing for fantastic drift diving. It offers some of the most amazing dives in the Red Sea. The sheer walls are covered in over-grown hard coral formations and a variety of reef fish. Napoleon wrasses and turtles are often cruising by. Daedalus is one of those places where anything can happen... oceanic white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, a lonesome hammerhead shark or schools of them.


There are unlimited points of attraction at this reef and they are all related to the extremely generous reef formation and its location. You can find big marine life hanging around the reed on all sides, at different depths of blue water. You may encounter, schooling fish and Sharks. There are Black Corals, soft Corals, hard Corals, lage fan Corals. The reef is completely covered by these. “Just Stunning”. The reef is so rich with life because it is exposed to a variety of strong currents that feed it with nutriments, enhancing its life. The best time to do the dive here is early morning, while you can see Hammerheads, Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Oceanic White Tip Reef Sharks and Schooling fish such as Barracuda and Snappers. If you are moored at the reef on a sunny morning, when you look at the shore, you will see a solitarily bright Red Mountain.


Panorama Reef

Theplateau is to 35m, the sheer drop-off 100m+ depth. The moorings are to the south west of this large oval shaped reef. One plateau lies to the northwest, and another to the southeast. One of the best wall dives in the Red Sea. On the south plateau you are practically guaranteed to see several napoleon wrasse or turtle. All plateau is covered by soft coralls. During your safety stop you should explore the huge anemon city which the south wall offers. Pelagic species like tuna visit from time to time, and other predators like big eye trevally and barracuda hunt in vast schools of fusilier.

The North plateau is one of the best drift dives what you can in Red sea have. On your left hand you will find quantum of black sweetlips, small schooling barracudas and beautiful soft coralls with spectrum of colours! The scorpion fish, spanish dancers and another interesting representatives of this sea will be for sure there if you pay attention.

Eagle rays, white tip reef shark, grey shark, silky shark and even oceanic white tips, have been spotted here. 

Big Brother reef

These are two islands that are similar in shape and different with size with a distance of about 1700 m in between them, one is big and the other is small, from this fact both of the island got their names.. Drop point about 100m is offering very often sharks. A Thresher Shark is a resident here and normally Grey Reef Sharks are circling round the plateau. At the depth of 30 up to 35 meters divers are at the middle of the Wreck Aida looking down they will see the main mast the stern holds looking up they will see the accommodation area and the entrance to the engine room looking everywhere a dense garden of soft corals. Take your time looking around and exploring and slowly make your way up to the Wreck, as the shallow part of this dive is very colorful.


Small Brother reef

At the walls of this Island everything that lives in the Red Sea is expected to be seen but Sharks are the reason for many divers to come and dive in this site specially the Hammerhead Sharks and the Big Grey Reef Sharks. Eastern wall has the biggest variety of soft corals.

Marsa Shouny

This dive offer reef wall diving. The best depth for this dive is 18 meters. In the beginning when you are close to the bottom look for the Crocodile fish look for Octopuses between the corals and schools of Mackerels and Turtles on the top of the corals.





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